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Taiyuan Attractions

From the classic must-see historical sites to local haunts, there are many things to do in Taiyuan.

Chunyang Palace

No.1: Chunyang Palace

Type: Ancient Sites

Recommended Length of Visit: 1 hour

Chunyang Palace, built in Song Dynasty, was to sacrifice Taoist immortal Lu Dongbing. It is a unique Taoist architectural complex, made up of five courtyards with pavilions and towers from outside to inside. Luzu Temple is the main hall of Chunyang Palace, and it lies in the central of the courtyard. It is the most magnificent architecture in the palace. The style of the courtyard behind the hall is unique which was built according to the directions of the Eight Diagrams, having obvious Taoism architecture characteristics.

As an important part of Shanxi Art Museum, Chunyang Palace has more than 20 exhibition halls, which exhibit the essence of the cultural relics of Shanxi.

Tianlongshan Grottoes

No.2: Tianlongshan Grottoes

Type: Ancient Ruins

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

Tianlongshan Grottoes lie in the Tianlong Mountains, 40 km southwest of Taiyuan city. The Grottoes is a series of 24 caves scattered in the cliff halfway up the western and eastern peaks of the Tianlong Mountains. They were carved in Eastern Wei, Northern Qi, Sui and Tang Dynasties. Among all the caves, grottoes 2 and 3 are the oldest in the complex, with a history of nearly 1500 years; the largest and most impressive grotto is the ninth one, a multi-storied cave with several large Buddha statues and covered by an intricate three-story wooden pavilion – the Manshan Pavilion.

This area is surrounded by mountains and lush, dense trees where you could enjoy beautiful natural scenery. It is a great retreat from the busy city.

Yingze Park

No.3: Yingze Park

Type: Parks

Recommended Length of Visit: 1-1.5 hours

Yingze Park, situated at the central part of Yingze Street, is the largest park in Taiyuan. It is a good place to take a walk where you see the real local city life of Taiyuan.

Near the east gate is the Jin Merchant Museum, in the style of ancient guild hall. In the center of the park features the old library which was built during the Ming Dynasty. In the north gate of the park features an ornate archway called “Beauty of Taiyuan” based on the style of the Yonghe Lama Temple in Beijing. Besides, you could also enjoy boating, arcade games, golf, skating and activities for children. It is ideal place of leisure, entertainment, cultural and sport activities for everyone.

The Coal Museum of China
Xidi Ancient Village

No.4: The Coal Museum of China

Type: Museums

Recommended Length of Visit: 2 hours

The Coal Museum of China is the ONLY national coal museum in the largest simulated undermine of Asia. It is a museum where you could acknowledge the production scene and development history and experience the producing process of the mine workers. Due to its unique coal culture, it ranks on the lists of the most favorable tourist attractions in Shanxi Province.

You should not miss the “A Tour to the Coal Sea” which is kind of science exhibition showing the development of coal exploring and technology. The simulated mine and 4D cinema are the highlights there. Visitors could learn how the coal resources are formed and even get the experience of digging coal. All in all, it’ll vividly show you the development of Chinese coal industry and culture.

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